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Factors to Consider When Renting a Moving Trailer 

A new year brings plenty of opportunities for a fresh start; for some Albertans, that means packing their bags and moving to a new home or apartment in another city or province. If you plan to move this year, let Factory Outlet Trailers help you with our moving trailer rentals. 

Next, we will explain some factors to consider when looking for a moving trailer rental. Keep reading to learn more! 

Why Enclosed Cargo Trailers are Great for Moving

If you’re planning on moving across Alberta, then you need a moving trailer that will not only carry all of your belongings but also keep them safe. At Factory Outlet Trailers, we proudly offer a variety of rental trailers, including enclosed cargo trailers that are perfect for moving. Our enclosed trailers keep your belongings safe from the elements while on the road and come in various sizes. So whether you’re moving you and your family from High Prairie to Lethbridge or simply across the City of Edmonton, Factory Outlet Trailers has the moving trailer to make your trip as smooth as possible. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Rental Trailer

When renting an enclosed moving trailer from Factory Outlet Trailers, there are a few factors to consider, as these will ensure you’re getting the right trailer for your move. These factors include:

  1. Size/ Amount of Belongings: Before renting a moving trailer, it’s essential to know the approximate size and amount of belongings you will be taking with you. Once you have a rough idea, Factory Outlet Trailers’ team can help you find a moving trailer with enough space for your stuff while still being manageable for your vehicle to tow.
  2. Weight of Items: Personal belongings can vary in weight quite a bit. So, it’s crucial to be aware of the total weight of your items, including the rental trailer, to ensure that your vehicle’s towing capacity is viable for the load. 
  3. Budget: Let’s face it, moving can be expensive. That’s why it’s vital that you give yourself a budget for your rental trailer. Factory Outlet Trailers’ team can work with you and your budget to ensure you find a moving trailer that meets your moving needs. 

With these factors in mind, the team at Factory Outlet Trailers will be better equipped to help you find a moving trailer rental that works for you. Whether you need a large tandem axle moving trailer or something a bit more compact, Factory Outlet Trailers is here to help! 

Factory Outlet Trailers: Your Trailer Destination

As Canada’s largest and fastest-growing trailer dealership, Factory Outlet Trailers takes pride in having a massive inventory of over 900+ trailers from top manufacturers. With eight locations across Western Canada and a vast inventory of trailers ready and waiting at our High River, Alberta, location, finding a moving trailer to rent is easy! With daily, weekly and monthly rental options and a wide selection of trailers immediately ready to rent, Factory Outlet Trailers is your trusted source for trailer rentals.

Ready to Get Moving?

Are you ready to pack up and move across Alberta? Let Factory Outlet Trailers be your trusted moving trailer rental partner. Contact us to learn more about our enclosed cargo trailers, and reserve your trailer today! With Factory Outlet Trailers, you can start your moving journey with confidence. 

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