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Hotshot Trucking: Speed and Flexibility in Transportation

With on demand delivery at all time high across Langely and Vancouver, and all across Western Canada, it’s no surprise that “hotshot trucking” has become an increasingly relied upon service. As a specialized form of transport, hotshotting offers speed, flexibility and efficiency to businesses by delivering smaller or time-sensitive loads.

At Factory Outlet Trailers, we know that hotshotting has become an even more fast-paced industry these days, and that having the right trailers on hand are essential to success. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the ins and outs of the world of hotshotting, and why it’s become so popular at present. Read on to learn more.

Meet The Hotshot Truck: Nimble and Quick

When most think of the word “trucking” it’s the stereotypical semi-trailer that comes to mind. While there’s no denying that large tractor trailers play a key role in commercial transport, hotshots look a little different; most units on the road are typically one-ton or three-quarter-ton pickup trucks or similar vehicles chosen for their agility and versatility that enables them to navigate through tight spaces and access remote or challenging locations that larger trucks cannot. Hotshots fleets are designed to get from A to B with high efficiency and the ability to overcome delivery challenges that other, bigger, haulers may not be able to. 

Versatile Trailers for Various Cargo

Hotshot trucks are equipped with trailers that are designed to accommodate a wide range of cargo types. Flatbeds, gooseneck trailers, and specialized trailers for heavy equipment are some common examples, with each being tailored to met the needs of specific types of cargos. Hotspots make it easy to be versatile in your hauling capabilities, and by extension, extremely efficient in your operations. 

Hotshot carriers can adapt to changing delivery requirements, making them suitable for niche or specialized transport needs. Whether it’s a sudden change in destination, an unexpected route adjustment, or accommodating unique cargo dimensions, hotshot carriers are known for their ability to find solutions quickly.

Smaller Loads, Bigger Impact

Hotshot trucking excels in handling smaller loads that are often categorized as “less than truckload” (LTL) by other distributors. Such loads can be costly These loads do not fill an entire standard-sized truck, when transported by other means, and for manufactures, the accessibility of hotshot hauling for construction equipment, machinery, building materials, oilfield equipment, and other time-sensitive or specialized items is highly beneficial. 

Expedited Service

Probably the biggest standout feature of hotshot trucking is its ability to provide expedited delivery services. When time is of the essence, hotshot carriers are known for their quick response times and faster transit due to their versatility and load flexibility. In many cases, hotshot truckers are the go-to solution for situations where delays are not an option, such as emergency deliveries, urgent construction projects, or time-critical equipment replacements. Simply put: if you need to move something now hotshotting has you covered. 

Cost Considerations: Speed Comes at a Price

The one aspect that haulers and manufacturers alike need to acknowledge when considering hotshot trucking is that speed isn’t without its price. Smaller cargo loads can be more expensive as businesses that rely on the payoffs of faster delivery lack the ability to profit off of larger loads. To offset the realities of balancing smaller loads, hotshotting is often a higher price point. With that being said, this extra cost is often worth it when speed and flexibility are of primary concern.

Here For Your Hotshot Needs

Factory Outlet Trailers is pleased to offer wide variety of hotshot trailer solutions at each of our locations in LethbridgeEdmontonGrand PrairieRed DeerKamloopsAldergrove, and High River.

With over 23 years in business and a leading team of trailer experts ready to help, we’re here to help you find the right trailer for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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