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Keep Your Show Car Protected on the Road with a Car Trailer!

Taking your show car from event to event can be risky business if you don’t have the right trailer. Fortunately, this is where Factory Outlet Trailers can help! As Canada’s largest trailer retailer, we have the inventory and expertise to help you find the perfect car trailer for your needs. Whether you’re taking your dream car to a show or the local racetrack, our car haulers can ensure it gets there in pristine condition. Keep reading to learn more about our inventory of car trailers and some factors you should consider when shopping for one.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car Trailer

At Factory Outlet Trailers, we understand the importance of having a quality car trailer, especially for the upcoming car show season. Whether you need to haul a damaged car in for repairs or transport a show car to the next Show N’ Shine, we have you covered! With our wide selection of car haulers (including both open and enclosed options) and our ability to fully customize your trailer to your needs, our team is sure we can help you find the perfect one!

When shopping for a new car trailer, there are several factors you should consider. For instance, before you start exploring our wide inventory, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the towing capacity of the tow vehicle?
  • How large do you need your car trailer to be?
  • Do you need additional features such as stake pockets and extra tie-down locations?
  • Do you need a car trailer with extended loading ramps because you’ll be hauling a low-riding vehicle?
  • How heavy is the vehicle you’ll be towing?
  • Do you need an enclosed car trailer or an open/tow dolly-style trailer? 

At Factory Outlet Trailers, we don’t expect you to know with 100% certainty the answers to these questions, but it will help you narrow down your choices. However, whether you know exactly what kind of car trailer you need or are unsure, our team will take the time to walk you through your options. That way, we can ensure you get the right car trailer. 

Make Trailer Shopping Budget-Friendly! 

Since 2000, Factory Outlet Trailers has worked hard to ensure your trailer shopping experience is simple, quick and hassle-free. That’s why we offer various leasing and financing options in addition to our massive inventory and comprehensive trailer services! 

Buying a new car trailer can be a significant investment upfront, but with our financing options, you can break your final cost down into more manageable payments. Our expert financing department will be happy to walk you through the financing or leasing process and ensure you are set up with a financial plan that won’t put a dent in your bank account.

With countless satisfied customers, decades of combined trailer experience, and our expert team, Factory Outlet Trailers is your source for all your car trailer needs! Don’t hesitate to speak with us to learn more about our financing and leasing options. 

Ready to Be Show N’ Shine Ready? 

Keeping your show car in pristine condition while in transit can spell the difference between coming home a winner and costly repairs. At Factory Outlet Trailers, we have the car trailers you need to haul your show car across the country safely. 

Contact Factory Outlet Trailers to learn more about our car trailers and financing options, or explore our massive inventory online today! Let our team help you get Show N’ Shine ready this year!

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