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Tips for Safely Transporting Your ATV/SXS on a Trailer

Summer is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to get adventure-ready! Whether you’re an avid ATV rider or prefer to cruise around with your SXS, ensuring you can haul your toys safely is the key to a dream summer vacation. At Factory Outlet Trailers, we have the ATV trailers and accessories to ensure you can safely take your units across the country. Keep reading to learn some tips for safely travelling with an ATV or SXS. 

Buy a Trailer that Works for You

When safely hauling your ATV or SXS out to the backwoods, it’s crucial that you invest in a quality ATV trailer that fits your unit and needs. There’s nothing more dangerous than trying to haul an ATV or SXS on a trailer that is too small or unfit for such a load. Factory Outlet Trailers offers a wide selection of toy haulersATV trailers, and utility trailers in various sizes, load capacities, and materials. With options to add convenient storage compartments, hooks for your gear, slide tracks, rubber flooring, and more, Factory Outlet Trailer’s team can ensure your ATV trailer features all the bells and whistles you need to make the most of your backcountry adventure. 

Don’t Forget Trailer Accessories

Another thing to consider when taking your ATV from home to the trails is your trailer accessories. The right trailer accessories can make all the difference between safely taking your ATV or SXS out and a potential disaster. At Factory Outlet Trailers, we carry a comprehensive inventory of trailer accessories. From hitch and tire locks to chains, boomers, and tie-downs, our team can ensure you have the quality accessories you need to secure your ATV while in transit.

Simple Steps for Tying Down Your ATV to the Trailer

Now, when it comes to securing your ATV or SXS to your trailer, you must take a few steps to ensure it is safe for transportation. These steps are:

  1. Load your ATV onto your trailer. Be sure to park your ATV or SXS over the axle of the ATV trailer to ensure the weight is evenly distributed.
  2. Next, grab your ratchet straps, secure one end to the trailer, and wrap the other around your ATV. When tying down an ATV, secure it through the frame, not the axle of the ATV. If you attach ratchet straps to the axle, there is a good chance you’ll bend or break it during the tightening process. 
  3. Pull the remaining slack out through your ratchet and then use the ratchet mechanism to secure your ATV to the trailer. Make sure you’re holding the ratchet strap end tightly when tightening it. 
  4. Finally, secure the loose end of the strap. You can either wrap the excess around the taut strap or tie it securely down. That way, it won’t flap in the wind during transit. 

With these steps in mind, your ATV or SXS should be secured to your ATV trailer, making it ready for your next adventure! 

Ready to Hit the Trails? 

Summer is almost here, and that means trail riding season is almost upon us! If you want to be adventure-ready this summer, check out Factory Outlet Trailers’ massive selection of ATV trailers and accessories. Or contact our expert team, and let us help you choose the right ATV trailer for your needs!

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