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Why Enclosed Trailers are a Must-Have in Alberta

When hauling goods or equipment across Alberta, you need a reliable trailer that not only protects your stuff but is also versatile enough to work for all of your hauling needs. Fortunately, Factory Outlet Trailers has the trailer solutions you need!

Below, we will tell you more about our inventory of enclosed trailers and some of the benefits they offer. Read on to learn more about these versatile hauling solutions!

Protection from the Elements

From wicked winter storms to heavy rains and scorching hot summers, let’s face it: Alberta’s weather can be pretty unpredictable. However, with an enclosed trailer from Factory Outlet Trailers, you can ensure your cargo is protected from the elements.

Our vast inventory of enclosed cargo trailers is perfect for keeping your tools, personal belongings, and equipment safe during transportation. The design of enclosed trailers ensures that road grime and temperamental weather conditions do not impact your cargo while on the road or stationary. 

With numerous customization options, our team can make your enclosed trailer perfectly designed to your needs. Whether you’re a contractor, an avid outdoor enthusiast, or simply looking for a versatile trailer, Factory Outlet Trailers has you covered!

Cargo Protection: Beyond Weather

Aside from protecting your items from Alberta’s unpredictable weather, enclosed trailers offer significant security benefits. Since Factory Outlet Trailers’ enclosed trailers keep your belongings out of sight, your items are better protected from the prying eyes of crooks. While many of our units feature lockable latches, reducing the risk of theft.

Additionally, Factory Outlet Trailers’ enclosed cargo trailers protect your items from getting damaged during transit. Unlike open-styled trailers, enclosed trailers can prevent your tools and equipment from bouncing around and potentially falling off the trailer. This gives you peace of mind when travelling long distances or transporting expensive goods and supplies, as you can rest assured that your tools and equipment are safe and secure, no matter the road or weather conditions. 

Versatility for Commercial and Personal Use

Another reason why many Albertans and Alberta businesses choose enclosed cargo trailers for their hauling needs is that they are incredibly versatile. For instance, if you’re a contractor looking for a trailer to haul your tools and equipment, enclosed cargo trailers are a great option. Factory Outlet Trailers can customize your trailer to ensure you have the shelving and racking necessary to keep your tools and equipment secure during transport.

Meanwhile, suppose you’re an avid snowmobiling enthusiast or enjoy ATVing in the summer. In that case, Factory Outlet Trailers’ enclosed trailers are a great way to haul your recreational vehicles. Our enclosed trailers come in various sizes, perfect for carrying as many toys as possible. Their enclosed design even doubles as storage for your gear when not in use, protecting your stuff from rain, snow, and mud. 

If you’re unsure what size or style of enclosed trailer would be best for your commercial or personal use, let Factory Outlet Trailers help you! Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in the hauling and transportation industry, so we can point you in the right direction when finding the enclosed trailer for your needs. 

Factory Outlet Trailers is Your Trusted Trailer Dealership

Since 2000, Factory Outlet Trailers has been helping Albertans from all walks of life find the enclosed trailers they need to get their next job or outdoor adventure started. With a massive inventory of over 900+ trailers from top manufacturers and budget-friendly financing and leasing options, Factory Outlet Trailers is your source for all your trailer needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our inventory of enclosed cargo trailers!

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