You’ve Put Down a Deposit, Now What?

Congratulations! You have secured your new trailer with a deposit! What happens now?

A trailer deposit is the small amount of money that you’ve put down to hold the trailer while you get you financing in order. Leaving a deposit is not the same as signing a contract and is not legally binding in any way. All deposits at FOT are used as a commitment to purchase and as a holding deposit. This means that we have secured the trailer, in your name, and will not sell it to any other party while we are in possession of your deposit. In the event that you decide not to purchase or you are not approved for financing, the deposit, will be returned to you in full*.

Once you are ready to complete your purchase, the deposit amount may be applied to the purchase price if you wish.

When you are scheduled to pick up your new trailer, please remember to bring final payment with you at that time.

Things to think about after putting down a deposit:

  • Extended Warranty. Consider adding extended warranty, which further protects your investment should you face any issues with your trailer beyond what any available regular warranty will cover. We are happy to discuss all extended warranty options with you at no obligation.
  • Load Securement. You will need to think about what you are hauling in your new trailer and have a plan on how to secure it. We carry hundreds of options depending on your distinct needs. Ask your trailer expert, they are available any time to provide you with guidance and advice.
  • Accessories/Customization. From tie-downs to track to full benches and cubbies/shelves we can provide and install any accessories and/or customizations that you can dream up! Speak with your Sales Representative about what must-haves you should consider for your new trailer as well as any customization you are visualizing!
  • Protection. With trailer thefts on the rise, it’s important to think about how you will keep your new asset safe and secure. Our Parts Department carries a wide variety of theft prevention items and are readily available to discuss your options with you.
  • Tracking. Consider adding GPS tracking. Not only is a GPS very effective in the event of a theft, it also serves as a critical tool in tracking effectiveness of route time management. Whether you have a single unit or a fleet of trailer equipment for your business, GPS tracking is a financially smart solution.
  • After Service. Ensure that your trailer is ‘registered’ with our Service department and keep them in mind for all your maintenance and repair requirements. Our full service department performs a wide variety of services for all light to medium duty trailers, including warranty and insurance claims. When you are committed to making sure your trailer stays in great working order for as long as possible, you need knowledge and skill you can count on. We employ highly trained technicians who are dedicated to maintaining and servicing your trailer to ensure its optimal performance and so your investment is protected. Reliability is critical when there’s a job to do. We have the expert staff, precise equipment and the experience to get it done right.
  • Parts Department. Our fully stocked Parts Department has thousands of accessories, custom parts, and all items required to outfit your new trailer. Visit the Parts Department where our trained and experienced staff can assist with everything you need.
  • Decals & Wraps. Did you know … Factory Outlet Trailers can further assist you in making your trailer your own! We offer custom decal and wrap services. Add a logo or custom stripe, match it to your tow vehicle and create a mobile advertisement for your business.

We are here to assist in all areas of your trailer purchase and we are committed to your 100% satisfaction. If there is anything we can do to make your trailer purchase better, please let anyone at FOT know.

*This blog post pertains to regular trailer purchases only and does not necessarily reflect all conditions of a special order and/or trailers that require shipping. Please ask your sales representative for clarification in these instances.

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