Buying the Right Truck Bed

Trucks are a vital part of any number of industries and hobbies alike, from shipping and utility work to camping and beyond. But to maximize your truck’s usefulness, you’re going to need the perfect truck bed. We here at Factory Outlet Trailers want to help you make sure your truck is exactly what you need when you need it, so we’ve put together a few tips on buying the right truck bed, below. To learn more, or to see the truck beds we have for sale, contact our store in High River, Alberta, today!

The Materials

First, you need to consider what materials you want your truck bed to be made out of. Most aftermarket truck beds come in one of two materials: steel or aluminum. Steel beds are incredibly durable and tough and are less likely to get damaged or punctured. However, they tend to cost more and they’re much heavier, which can strain your truck more and lead to lower fuel efficiency. They can also rust if you’re not careful.

Aluminum beds are the lighter option—sometimes as much as 40% lighter than steel options! They also can’t rust and are more corrosion-resistant. The trade-off is in durability. Aluminum alloys have come a long way in the last few years, but they’re still not going to be quite as tough as steel.

Balancing Needs with Budget

There are two main driving factors that determine exactly what bed you get: what you need and what you can afford. Finding the right balance between these two things is vital. You obviously need a bed that has all the features and specs to make it worth buying, but you also need to find one that won’t put you in serious debt. 

Prioritize the features and options that matter most to you and will impact how well the truck bed performs the jobs you need. Try to get as many of the highest-priority items on that list as you can without spending more money than you can afford. Used options may help you stretch your budget, as can financing. 


Finally, whatever the bed you buy is made of and whatever you paid for it, it’s important to protect your investment. You can start with a bed liner to keep the bed from staining or being overly exposed to the elements, and even a piece of plywood can help. Just make sure not to put it through more than you need it to.

Ready to get started? Contact us at Factory Outlet Trailers for more information, or to see the truck beds we have available. We proudly serve the people of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, and the Greater Vancouver Area in British Columbia—let us serve you today!

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